Karin B. Wexler, Ph D, CCC/SLP, BCS-F


A world-recognized Board Certified Specialist and Mentor in Fluency Disorders

More About Dr. Wexler

Karin B. Wexler, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BCS-F, is a world-recognized Board Certified Specialist and Mentor in Fluency Disorders, such as stuttering, besides being a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Dr. Wexler received a Ph.D. in Speech Pathology at Columbia University.  Her doctorate degree was focused specifically on stuttering and fluency development.  She had previously earned an M.A. and an M.Ph. in Speech Pathology at Teachers College, Columbia University and a Fil.Mag. including in English, German, and Psychology of Education at Uppsala University, Sweden.  At T.C., Columbia University, Dr. Wexler went on to create a fluency evaluation and therapy program and its Stuttering Clinic.  She continues to teach the graduate course on stuttering and other fluency disorders at T.C., being Adjunct Associate Professor, and being Columbia’s specialist in that area.

Dr. Wexler provides highly individualized private evaluations and treatment of fluency disorders, such as stuttering. She works with young preschool and school-age children, adolescents, and adults, and their families. Sessions are held in easily reachable offices in Manhattan and in Westchester County, New York.  Clients regularly come from Fairfield County, Rockland County, Bergen County, and the rest New York City as well.  Tele-practice sessions are provided over the internet (Skype-type, but HIPAA-compliant).  Differential diagnosis between normal developmental disfluency and stuttering, and prevention of stuttering is provided.  Email or call Dr. Wexler to learn how she might help you deal with the fluency issue you are concerned with to improve your own or your child’s freedom of speech and quality of life, towards a future with open doors, filled with meaning and enjoyment.


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